Punggol Waterway

In September this year we worked on the Punggol Waterway landscape masterplan competition for the design of a 4.2km length of waterway. The waterway will serve as an ecological lifeline of greenery and activities, cutting through several housing parcels providing a rich resource for public housing in Punggol, Singapore's 'Waterfront Town of the 21st century'. 3 months later today the HDB (Housing and Development Board) announced the long awaited results. Read about it here in the press release.

Here are the winning schemes :
[1st Prize]
[Merit Prize]
[Merit Prize]
[Images : HDB]

For our own entry, we were concerned and confronted with the immensity and over-whelming linearity of the 4.2km long waterway within its 10m width : how to create varied conditions that will promote and induce diverse occupation yet remain a largely continuous experience as a recreational and social space? We started by looking at ways in which to displace the defined conditions of planting, walkway and water of a conventional waterway. This led to an evolution of a form that was in direct relation with how a redefined waterfront promenade would perform. The nature of the proposal was more infrastructural, as a systemic propagation of sinusoidal forms that gradually organised movement, program and spatial qualities between adjacent waterway and land parcels.

Here's some images of our entry to share :

[Overall Boards]
[Aerial View]
[Promenade View]
[Undulating Promenade]
[Topographical variation and negotiation]
[Elevational experience]
[Images : PLYSTUDIO]

Do visit our website soon for the full description and images.

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