Inside Singapore 1:1

[Image : URA]

We recently picked up a copy of the box set containing the 2 volumes Singapore 1:1 (City) and Singapore 1:1 (Island). Singapore 1:1 (City) is a catalogue of the exhibition of the same name which was held at the URA Center between Nov 2005 to Mar 2006. The exhibition "features a selection of significant architecture and urban design of the city built over the last 40 years". As a follow up, Singapore 1:1 (Island) brings together further architectural projects of merit across the same timeframe completed island-wide, outside of the city centre.

The result is a vast collection of information and knowledge that brings awareness to the buildings that shape our physical environment. Old buildings of significant interest are given a new lease of life in these 2 volumes which are graphically coded in red and green to reflect our national colour (red) and our national obsession (green).

Perhaps what got us excited most were not so much the photographs of the buildings themselves but rather the rare plans, sectional drawings and the odd sketch that accompanied them. For they capture the true modes of production and the fact that they never left the architectural office that produced them, meant that we, the general public could get inside them.

[Images : URA]

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