[Image : Design Singapore]

PLYSTUDIO was chosen as one of 10 architectural practices amongst the final 22 design creatives selected to represent Singapore at the recent 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2008. The Venice Biennale is an international showcase of architecture and design ideas at the intersection of contemporary culture and discourse.

View of the Exhibition [Image : Design Singapore]

Drawing of the Exhibition [Image : Design Singapore]

SUPERGARDEN is the title of the exhibition/installation at the Singapore Pavilion. As a SUPERGARDEN Presenter, PLYSTUDIO was required to submit an Object which best reflects the firm’s design culture, interests and way of working. Collectively, all 22 objects will be exhibited in a curated landscape, each created by Singapore’s very own design creatives. The notion of 'Conversations' is the chosen platform for engaging the exhibition in which an audio installation of sound domes will form and make the conceptual connections between the exhibitors.

PLYSTUDIO's The Picnic [Image : PLYSTUDIO]

PLYSTUDIO's The Picnic [Image : Jing/SuperHyperreal]

Our object, entitled ‘The Picnic’, is a site-specific installation that embodies our interest in redefining ‘type’ through contextual readings. This is manifested in the transformation of an earlier work into 3 further typological constructs. A full description of the work can be found in our website.

Do visit www.supergarden.sg to view the exhibition and listen to the conversations. You can even download the accompanying book. Here's the section on us :

Excerpt from Book [Image : Design Singapore]

SUPERGARDEN will run from 14 September to 23 November 2008 in Venice after which it is scheduled to travel to Torino and return at a later date to Singapore.

Just want to add that we at PLYSTUDIO are very honored and pleased to present at Supergarden. Thank You curators and organisers for this. In the process we have got to know more of our own local creatives too.