The architectural Interior 01

I say 'Interior' with a capital 'I' as this is afterall an interior work confined within the 1,200 sqft shell of an existing loft apartment. More and more we are getting ourselves into this field of work and finding opportunities within the typology to intervene. But I say it is 'architectural' not because we are architects - for, architects are supposed to conceive of a space differently from say, how an interior designer/stylist would anyway - but rather - a mode of thinking. We see plan layouts as typological constructs to interrogate, cabinets and storage as space defining, furniture as built-up elements to organise program and we tend to limit the quintessential interior designer's palette of materials to only a colour or two at our disposal. Perhaps it is about setting ourselves a kind of constraint to innovate out of, a kind of working method and approach?

Some pictures of the recently completed apartment :

The entire apartment interior is gutted out, revealing the existing attic structure.

[Photos : Jeremy San/Stzernstudio]

I just realised that the photos do not have furniture in them. Guess we are just not cut out to be interior designers. Visit the project on our website for full description.


ecnarrot said...

Can't wait to see the Sail one!


wow, this is an amazing place!! great work guys!!